1938Founding of the company Dr. GRAW Messgeräte in Berlin / Germany by the physicist Dr. Josef Graw
1942Grawsche MorsewalzeDr. Graw developed and patented the heart of the former mechanical radiosondes, the Graw morse encoding cylinder

By this invention, the measurement-precision was greatly improved

1948Relocation of the company to Nürnberg / Germany
1948Radiosonde M60Development of the Radiosondes H50 and M60 for German Weather Service

M60 pushed GRAW-sondes to an international leading position in terms of accuracy and robustness
1976Mr. Horst Schmidmer took over all shares of Dr. Graw
1976License production of Radiosonde RSG for German Weather Service and E076 for German Army
1977Introduction of the Radiosondes E084 and E085 for German ArmyRadiosonde E084Radiosonde E085
1978Start of completely computer-controlled production and calibration
1986Introduction of the mini Radiosonde System TDFS / KS-87 for environmental monitoring in lower heightsGroundstation KS-87Radiosonde DTFS-87
1990Start of Surface Mounted Technologie (SMT) to increase productivity
1990Introduction of the first purely digital Radiosonde DFM-90 and Groundstation GK-90 (freely programmable frequency, calibration data stored on EEPROM, etc.)Groundstation GK-90Radiosonde DFM-90
1995Introduction of the first „real“ C/A-code differential GPS Radiosonde DFM-90 / DGPS
1995Introduction of the compact Groundstation GK-90C with GPS moduleGroundstation GK-90C
1998Introduction of the optimized DFM-97 Radiosonde (highest accuracy, integrated differential GPS)Radiosonde DFM-97
2003Renaming to GRAW Radiosondes GmbH & Co. KG
2006Introduction of the DFM-06 radiosonde (light weight and small size)
2008  Introduction of groundstation GS-E
2010Market launch of the DFM-09 radiosonde