We see it as our duty...

  • to comply with national and international laws and other binding regulations that are relevant to our activities and products. We review this regularly.
  • to create security in our planning and management systems in all areas of the company through active risk management, to pursue crisis prevention and take advantage of opportunities.
    to derive our understanding of quality from the constant comprehension and fulfilment of customer expectations.
  • to pursue a holistic approach to integrated occupational health and safety and environmental protection and continuously improve it.
    to eliminate hazards and minimise risks with respect to occupational safety and environmental protection.
  • to determine the effects of our site on the environment on a regular basis using advanced methods, to prevent negative effects if possible or to reduce them whenever prevention is not possible.
  • to handle raw materials, energy and water sparingly and to utilise or dispose of waste according to ecological considerations.
  • to obligate our managers to conduct themselves and act in an exemplary manner and to support them in doing so, because quality awareness and responsibility for occupational health and safety and environmental protection start at management level.
  • to inform and train our employees at all levels with regard to the objectives formulated for the integrated management system and to actively involve them in the achieving them. To this end, we will support them with the necessary resources.
  • to implement the concepts of quality, safety and protection of the environment throughout the life cycle of our products.
  • to involve our customers and suppliers in our quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection concept and apply uniform standards.
  • to design our integrated management system and processes so that they are measurable and transparent, review them regularly and continuously improve them wherever it is in our power and control to do so.
  • to inform our customers and other interested parties on request about our integrated management concept.