Mission & Vision

Our Vision


 Our Mission

We place particular emphasis on ...

  • Tradition and Innovation

    Experience creates knowledge. That makes us a competent partner and is the basis for innovation.

  • Confident, honest and respectful treatment

    Credibility is the basis of trust and arises from honest and respectful interaction with one another. By keeping what we promise, we achieve long-term relationships with our customers, partners and employees.

  • Reliability

    It is part of our self-conception to keep to our word in terms of our products, our service and cooperative partnership to our customers.

  • Safety and flexibility

    For us, this means an uncomplicated and dynamic project management, fast delivery and long-term delivery capacity. Being operational with maximum power at any time and any place - this demonstrates our commitment.

  • Customer proximity and an open, direct communication

    Our global network and our hierarchies enable us to communicate directly across locations in order to quickly and easily meet the wishes and expectations of our customers.

  • Our social, family-related company structure

    Close social ties and empathy are a result of cooperative personnel management, comprehension and mutual trust among the colleagues and the management. This motivates every single employee to top performance and teamwork.

  • Diversification across all industries

    This secures our jobs, strengthens our market position and minimises risks in view of negative market developments.

  • Long-term goals instead of short-term profit
    This secures future, independence and stability of our company.

  • Optimisation and perfection
    Our progress is driven by our striving for improvement and our continuous willingness to learn. Both our customers and our company benefit thereof.

  • Responsible use of resources
    We only have one Earth and its resources are limited. We have recognized and internalized that only a responsible use of resources can contribute to the long-term protection of our planet and its preservation for future generations.

... and define our understanding of quality and sustainability.

This is proved by our ongoing success.