Quality assurance


Quality is what we live for and that is why it is firmly anchored in our company structure. Quality is not only an absolute necessity for us, but also the fundamental basis for everything that goes on under our roof. Trouble-free operation is self-evident for our customers. This can only be achieved by continuous constant quality.

We develop and produce all of our own products in-house. By constantly striving to become even better, we are always in a position to meet tomorrow‘s demands today. We don‘t just manufacture products – we continually improve them. We don‘t just live up to the norms – we surpass them. We don‘t just adhere to standards – we set new ones. For us, quality starts in the detail – in the process of selecting materials and tools, in consulting with our customers, and in the services we offer – and this continues long after you purchase one of our products.

Our company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This guarantees maximum process transparency. We are using a CAQ system (BABTEC) for a computer-based quality planning, quality assurance and quality management. Regular company auditing, customer audits, factory acceptance and type testing contribute to a continuous improvement in our business development.