GRAW delivers to USA NOAA/National Weather Service

We are very excited to announce that GRAW has been chosen to supply radiosondes and radiosonde equipment to NOAA/National Weather Service for installation in the USA nationwide upper air network!

GRAW will immediately supply GS-E systems,  GRAWMET software and our DFM-17 radiosondes to support the NOAA Manual Radiosonde Observing System (MROS) program. GRAW equipment is intended for deployment at a significant majority of the 71 existing NOAA/NWS upper air stations throughout the continental USA (CONUS). In addition to the ten Cooperative Hurricane Upper Air Stations (CHUAS) network in the Caribbean which have been continuously using GRAW radiosondes and equipment since 2015, GRAW will now supply NOAA/NWS with 56 GS-E Receiving Systems and an initial supply of DFM-17 radiosondes to support the nationwide MROS program!

The selection of GRAW equipment was made after careful market consideration and a rigorous performance testing program. This important award decision was made by NOAA/NWS based on best value to the USA upper air network. Technical approach, past performance, and existing customer references were all evaluated and significantly considered in the award decision. Production and deliveries will begin immediately to support NOAA’s Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) program in 2021 with the intended deployment of Graw systems at more than 45 CONUS sites by early 2022. 

This significant contract is another milestone in the history of GRAW and an example of our strong commitment to our customers and our products.  Please contact us for further information!