Autonomous and automatic radiosonde soundings


  • Compact design
  • No carousel, low maintenance and reliable
  • Easy to install, no power supply or data interface needed
  • Reliable transmission of the collected data via LTE
  • Increases the percentage of successful radiosonde soundings


Solar powered, autonomous balloon launcher

The autolauncher can work fully autonomously and performs up to six unmanned radiosonde soundings. Thanks to its integrated solar panels and batteries, it does not require any special infrastructure and can easily be deployed everywhere.

A built-in weather station provides the necessary ground data for the initialisation process. The complete flight can be observed remotely via any smartphone or a web interface. The radiosonde data is received by two antennas (omnidirectional and helical) to provide a full coverage in all possible weather conditions. During the radiosonde sounding, the collected data, status information and standardised messages can be transmitted via LTE.


Autolauncher 01

Autolauncher 02

Autolauncher 03

Autolauncher 04

Autolauncher 05


Watch our autolauncher in action