For simultaneous data reception from multiple radiosondes

MultiSonde System

  • Based on our GS-I groundstation for rack slot fitting
  • Maximum reliability
  • Modularity via 19“ rack slots
  • Scalability: up to 8 rack-mounted GS-I receivers
  • Uses GRAWMET X software to process multiple radiosonde streams at the same time


Modular and flexible system for simultaneous sounding of multiple radiosondes

The GRAW MultiSonde System typically consists of 2 - 8 rackmounted GS-I receivers, whereby each receiver is able to track and process the data of one radiosonde. The processed radiosonde data is transmitted via IP network to multiple workstations for visualisation and further processing. Each workstation in the network has full access to the data of all radiosondes being tracked by the MultiSonde System.

The system enables simultaneous soundings with maximum reliability and performance. It is scalable and can be extended to 8 or more receivers. The MultiSonde System is compatible with all GRAW radiosondes and pilotsondes. It is available in different variants: as desktop version, as rack version and as mobile version.


MultiSonde System Rack Version

MultiSonde System Office Version

MultiSonde System Mobile Version