Balloon filling unit for mobile applications for use with helium


Balloon filling unit SO3

  • Suitable for use with helium
  • Suitable for different balloon sizes up to 1500 g
  • Light-weight and perfect for frequent transportations


Our smallest one for mobile applications

The SO-3 balloon filling unit is our smallest version for use with helium. It was developed for extremely mobile use and simply consists of a filler neck, a connecting hose with pressure reducer and some filling weights. Thus, it is lightweight and ideally suitable for frequent transportation.

Technical data

SizeBox: 350 mm x 300 mm x 150 mm
Filling unit: Ø 42 mm x 280 mm
Pressure regulator: 240 mm x 190 mm x 65 mm
Hose: Ø 12 mm x 3000 mm
WeightSO-3 with box: 4800 g