Cruises with a scientific contribution. Destination: Antarctic

Since 2016 Viking Cruises have won a lot of prices and awards for their extraordinary trips.

Therefore, they have high goals for 2022: In January their first pure expedition vessel Viking Octantis has set sail to the great lakes, its sister vessel Viking Polaris will be launched in August for journeys in arctic regions. The vessels are built at VARD shipyard in Norway and equipped with several scientific equipment, most of it related to environmental research.

 Viking Octantis provides their 378 guests comfort and luxury, nonetheless the main objective of this very special journey is research. These upscale clients have an interest in personally joining environmental research. They take part in active research projects and consequently support science.

Since science is one of our favorite topics, GRAW is proud to have its Upper Air Sounding System on board as well! Some Viking employees visited our company for a training on the operation of daily radiosonde launches on board of the vessel.
We are curious what results this expedition will show. Little spoiler in advance: The measured values of our system will be used by the American meteorological service.