The evaluation software that can receive and process multiple radiosondes simultaneously

GRAWMET X software

Software GRAWMET X

  • Tracking multiple radiosondes simultaneously
  • Comparison of radiosonde data
  • Automatic balloon start detection
  • Visual and audible alerts (missing data, etc.)
  • Near real-time data streaming
  • Tabular and graphical data display
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Custom solutions for individual needs
  • For Windows® 10 or newer


Observe multiple radiosondes at the same time

GRAWMET X is based on our widely used GRAWMET meteorological software suite. GRAWMET X includes GRAWMET with extended features to intuitively handle and display multiple radiosondes at the same time. GRAWMET X can be installed on multiple workstations in a network and simultaneously process the radiosonde data of all receivers in the same IP network (GRAW MultiSonde System) – even if the sounding workstations are miles away from the actual launch site.


GRAWMET X Screenshots

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