Balloon filling unit with mechanical filling stop for use with helium or hydrogen


Balloon filling unit SO2

  • Suitable for use with helium or hydrogen
  • Suitable for different balloon sizes up to 3000 g
  • With mechanical filling stop for correct amount of gas
  • With transport case for balloon filling unit and its additional equipment


If you want more, you need the right equipment

We offer the SO-2 balloon filling unit in different designs for filling balloons with helium or hydrogen and for varied balloon sizes. A mechanical filling stop ensures the correct amount of gas so that you reach the required sounding speed and altitude. And for those of you on the go, we have a matching transport box for carrying your equipment.

Technical data


SO-2: ∅ 350 mm x 360 mm
Box: 580 mm x 580 mm x 405 mm


5000 g (filling unit without accessories)


Hydrogen or helium