The mobile application for sounding station monitoring

GRAWgo cloud-based analyses


  • Cloud-solution to manage upper air sounding stations
  • User-friendly, intuitive operation and individually adjustable user interface
  • Status viewlet for status notifications and visualisation of current sounding data
  • Cloud-database-driven, graphical and tabular viewing and evaluation of meteorological measuring data
  • Watching the status of several stations, last operations, flight information
  • Event triggered push notifications
  • Available for iPhone and Android smartphones


Watch your upper air sounding stations – from anywhere at any time

GRAWgo is the latest cloud-based solution to monitor your upper air sounding stations. Access your stations from anywhere at any time. GRAWgo allows you to always keep an eye on the status of your sounding and your current sounding data of all stations. Features like the overview of current events and push notifications (start and balloon burst detection, error detection), measurement and receiver data, status of weather messages, charts, quality of data reception, flight track view, etc. make this App the perfect companion for mobile monitoring. A further and great application possibility of GRAWgo is the local status monitoring during the ascent preparation, since you get all necessary status information during preparation and during the ascent start directly on-site. The App-based application is intuitive and easy to use and it is available for iOS and Android smartphones.


GRAWgo Screenshots