Groundstation equipment

Suitable for individual applications or server-client architecture


Groundstation GS-I

  • For office or server room use
  • 2 x Ethernet for network integration
  • 400 MHz receiver integrated
  • SDR (Software defined receiver)
  • Antenna switch (antenna diversity)
  • Integrated GPS module
  • Compatible with GRAWMET and GRAWMET-X


Powerful and innovative 19" rack groundstation for versatile use

The GS-I is our new groundstation, rack mountable in a 19” rack, with an Ethernet interface for use in a client-server architecture. It can be used as a standalone groundstation or, when combined with additional GS-I groundstations and additional 19” rack antenna amplifiers, as part of the MultiSonde System for simultaneous reception of multiple radiosondes.

Technical data


4200 g


483 x 345 x 44 mm

Power supply

110 ... 240 V/AC

Frequency range

400 … 406 MHz


2 x 400 MHz antennas
1 x GPS antenna
1 x GPS repeater
2 x USB connection
2 x etherCON CAT.6a (compat. with RJ45)

Tuning steps

20 kHz

Supported operating systems

Windows® 10 recommended


Standard PC or notebook